First Post–Supporting International Festival For Business

I’ve been meaning for ages to start up a bit of a BLOG

Why? Well one of the real plusses of my day to day job is getting to meet lots of interesting people both customers and suppliers to look at interesting problems and help to deliver solutions and often I’ve thought, I should start a BLOG and share some of that with…well anyone who wants to have a read, be that nobody, one person or a few, doesn’t really matter.

But where do you start? Well really I wanted this BLOG to be about stuff I do that interests me and would hopefully interest others as well. So one of the things filling my time at the minute is the international festival for business that is currently being held in Liverpool.

Why’s  that interesting? well as a Liverpool based business, for us it’s important we support local initiatives wherever we can and the International Festival for Business is a huge undertaking across the City throughout June and July ( bringing business leaders and businesses together to look at developing new ideas, gaining investment and new contacts, all of the things that make the wheels of business turn.

How are we as an I.T. company supporting this great event?

The IFB is all about business growth and if you’re reading a technical BLOG then you probably already buy in to the idea that I.T. is critical to the strategic development of any business, big or small, traditional or brand new start-up. We get that and we think its very important that strategic decision makers understand what technology can do in their business and how it can be the tool to help them develop.

To support that, we wanted to bring to the IFB the very cream of IT leadership from companies who very much set the agenda for IT strategy and using our industry links we think that’s what we’ve done, we’ve already had great events with IBM and Microsoft, with Huawei and NetApp still to come. To finish of the series we have setup a unique event where attendees will get to hear from CIO’s from some of the regions biggest and well known organisations including Novartis, Stobarts, Jaguar Land Rover and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.

What we wanted our presenters to do was deliver insight into the way technology is developing and what that means strategically for business going forward, be that cloud, infrastructure, big data, mobility, process automation or any of the other buzz words surrounding the technical industry right now.

Why have we gone to all this trouble?

Well we do truly believe that technology can bring many great advantages to our customers, it can be used to help solve business challenges, help to underpin growth and process, and utilised in the right way can be a massive business benefit. However if the strategic planners and decision makers both technical and broader business don’t know what’s available to them, then how can they see how innovative technology will help to meet business goals?

That we do see as a problem, still to many business leaders don’t see I.T. as anything other than a cost centre rather than a tool for growth and revenue generation, we’re hoping by bringing such sizeable industry players to the region we can open up the opportunity for business leaders both locally and for those travelling to the region for the IFB event the chance to engage with major tech organisations who are shaping the future of how we do business and see how they can grow their own businesses by taking advantage of the rapid evolution of technology.

If that sounds like something that your business could benefit from there’s more information here why not take a look and join us, the massive changes in technology are happening, whether you want to take advantage or not and I suppose, if you don’t your competitors most probably will!


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