A new venture- the Techstringy Interviews have arrived!

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to add something new to my tech social media output and the other week I finally found my inspiration listening to Justin Parisi (@nfsdudeabides) and his round ups from the  NetApp Insight conference in Las Vegas.

Justin, as the host of the NetApp podcast, produces lots of content, but I particularly enjoyed his short soundbite interviews taken live at the show.

That was my light bulb moment. I’m lucky enough to meet lots of interesting people from the IT community, smart people at vendors, or clever customers doing interesting things with technology and I thought wouldn’t it be great to get them doing little interviews that I could share.

So with that moment of Inspiration, the Techstringy interviews were born!

The aim is to produce a series of 5-10 minute interviews with people in the IT community, getting their views on tech.

I’ve no idea how well this will go, but I’ve got the first in the can, as they say in the world of media, and a couple more lined up… and if people like them… I’ll keep churning them out.. and if they don’t, I’ll stop churning!WP_20161004_09_29_18_Rich_LI.jpg

First up is an interview with my NetApp A Team mate, Michael Cade of Veeam. I met up with Michael at Microsoft’s UK partner conference at Twickenham last week and with my phone and shiny new microphone at hand, I grabbed a few minutes with him at the end of the event to ask his views on some of the things we’d heard on the day, how cloud technology was changing the backup landscape and how Veeam was helping to take on modern data protection challenges.

We enjoyed doing the interview, I hope you like it, feel free to get in touch with any comments.

Welcome to Interview number one of Techstringy Interviews.




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