The power of community – a chat with TechUG’s Mike England

Recently I was asked to present at the Tech UG event in Leeds, for those who know me, they’ll know I’m a big supporter of investing in and supporting IT community. Working more closely with your IT professional peer groups has lots of benefits and is chance to build some great relationships.

If you are keen to involve yourself more with the wider IT community, what’s a good way to get started?

A great step is technology user groups, these are normally events run in your local region, organised and run by a dedicated group of your local IT peers, people who see the benefit and power of community, of sharing knowledge and ideas with people who share their passion.

One such group are Tech UG, they run events in 8 cities across the UK and run a variety of sessions and different technology streams.

At the recent event in Leeds I caught up with Mike England, Chief Operating Officer for Tech UG for a quick chat, we discussed the aims of Tech UG and how we as members of the community can use their forum to our benefit, be it helping us to address a challenge, learn about new tech, or just to build our professional network.

Enjoy the interview with Mike and if TechUG sounds like something for you, check out their details and how to contact them below and hopefully we’ll catch up at an event in the future;

The Tech UG website

Follow Tech UG on twitter

Follow Mike on twitter


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