The Data Privacy Challenge – Sheila Fitzpatrick – Ep8

The security of our data is a significant challenge for us all, as individuals and as organisations, big or small, keeping our data secure and maintaining privacy is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

In this episode, global data privacy expert Sheila Fitzpatrick joins me, Sheila is data privacy officer for global storage giant NetApp. Her job is not to sell NetApp solutions, her role is to ensure they comply with global data privacy legislation.

In our chat, we discuss the difference between privacy and security, is the data security challenge a myth?, the impact of GDPR and how to start building robust data privacy solutions.

Sheila is an attorney and renowned global expert in her field. She is truly passionate about the topic of privacy and shares some fantastic tips.

So dive in and enjoy the episode.

if you’d like more information from Sheila you can follow her on LinkedIn and also on twitter @sheilafitzp

I also had the pleasure while at NetApp Insight to interview Sheila for NetApp’s own event coverage, you can find that brief interview here.

I hope you enjoyed this latest episode, next week, I’m chatting software developer careers with Joshua Lowe as he tells me about his already exciting progress as a developer, oh and did I mention he is only 12!

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