Through the IT Looking Glass – Hannah Breeze – Ep 12

When we spend all our time in the technology industry sometimes we can get a little close to it, to close to certain vendors or solutions and it can be very useful on occasion to step back and try to look at a wider picture.

This week we try to do just that as I chat with technology journalist Hannah Breeze. Hannah is deputy editor at CRN (Channel Reseller News) and writes about the relationship between vendors, distributers and sellers of technology,or as it is known, the IT channel.hannahbreezeheadshot-230x230

As part of her role she is invited to many of the industries key channel and customer events. As someone who also attends a few of these events, I found an article she wrote at the end of last year an interesting outsiders view of the industry ( Her “four things I’ve learned” article can be found here) and talks about the goals, strategies and messaging of four of the technology industries biggest players HP/HPE, Cisco, Dell/EMC and NetApp.

After reading it I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a chat with Hannah and share that as a podcast.

We talk about what she heard from a range of vendors last year, their messages, their focus, how the channel feels about those messages and whether we think vendors really are dealing with the challenges we, delivering IT in to our organisations, are actually seeing day to day.

So, I hope you enjoy this different view of the technology industry, here’s the episode.

I’d like to thank Hannah for her time, if you’d like to read up on Hannah’s work you can find here in the following places.

Her articles on CRN are here

And on twitter at @Hkbreeze

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In the next few episodes I’m going to be looking at some key technology trends as we discuss Object Storage, DevOps and Hybrid IT, I hope you can join me.

Thanks for listening.

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