Embracing DevOps with Microsoft – Matt McSpirit – Ep15

This week we explore a bit more DevOps as I chat with Microsoft Tech Evangelist Matt McSpirit.

Matt is based at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond and produces lots of great and helpful content in his role as a tech evangelist. He can also be found sharing insights on Channel 9 as well as one of the hosts of the Microsoft “The Ops Team” podcast.

In the first of a two-part chat, we explore Matt’s two current areas of focus, AzureStack which we will cover next week and, in this first part, we get a Microsoft take on the DevOps movement, how they see it, and how it is affecting how Microsoft deliver their own technology to their customers.

We also look at some of the principles you should follow as you look to build a DevOps approach to your business, as well as discussing whether DevOps is something that stretches beyond the world of just software development.

Enjoy the episode;

You can find Matt on Twitter @mattmcspirit

Catch up on the excellent DevOps fundamentals videos on Microsoft Channel 9

Check out the DevOps dimensions videos on channel 9

Want Some DevOps education? – try Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Parts Unlimited Workshops

Hope you enjoyed the episode and next week in Part 2 of my chat with Matt, we look at Microsoft’s on-premises cloud solution AzureStack.

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Thanks for listening.

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