Podcasts for the weekend 24th Feb

I’m a big fan of podcasts, from entertainment to education. My car is a constant home to them, as I drive around, I always have something on, looking to learn about a new topic, or just catch up on my favourites.

Over the last few weeks, on a Friday, I’ve been tweeting out my fave episodes from the week, as little recommendations for some weekend listening.

This week, rather than have people having to follow multiple tweets, I thought i’d put them all into a single BLOG post, and will make it a weekly place for 2 or 3 podcasts recommendations for your weekend that you can hopefully enjoy.

So here we go, some podcasts i’ve enjoyed this week (20th Feb)..

vSpeaking Podcast

Pete Flecha runs a very informative podcast over at VMware, it’s where I keep up to date with all the latest from the Software behemoth! – this week after a bit of a break Pete is joined by Duncan Epping as the explore vSAN use cases- lots to pick up on, as well as some great insights into where VMware are seeing success with their storage play…

Check it out here vSpeaking Ep 36

Speaking In Tech

Always a fan of the Speaking In Tech podcast, and some weeks they out do themselves, this is one of those weeks as Greg and Eddie are joined by Josh Atwell… worth a listen for the fascinating debate over Robotics triggered by Bill Gates recent statement regarding taxing the use of robots in industry.

Find it here Speaking In Tech Ep 249

Geek Whisperers

My favourite podcast, so always gets a shout with a new episode, Amy, John and Matt discuss “Moonlighting”, as they are joined by Mike Colson to talk about “side gigs” why you do them, why you shouldn’t and how to manage the problem. Great show.

Geek Whisperers Ep 130

Tech Interviews

No point writing this if I can’t pimp my own podcast – This week I pick up on part two of my chat with Microsoft’s Matt McSpirit, as we discuss what happens when you want the capabilities of cloud, but public cloud can’t be for you, so you decide to build your own. But How?

Matt introduces us to Microsoft’s private cloud platform, Azure Stack.


When Public Cloud Isn’t The Answer – Matt McSpirit – Ep 16

If you enjoy the podcast round up idea, let me know and I’ll keep them coming.

Have a great weekend.


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