Podcasts for the weekend 3rd March

Putting the weekend podcast recommendations into one post, seemed helpful to people last week.. so here we go again…

If you’re looking to get some Tech Podcast time this weekend, here’s some shows I’ve heard this week that you may enjoy and learn from…

A focus on IT security this week, heard some really interesting content, definitely learned quite a bit!

Speaking in Tech

Another cracker this one.. Ed steers the podcast ship with Peter Smallbone.. but this weeks guest Samy Kamkar steals the show.. potentially while stealing data! a fascinating insight into hacking and building the worm that took down Myspace (remember that!) great listen…

Speaking In Tech – Episode 250

Storage Unpacked

This is a relatively new show – lead by some of the industries best known commentators.

This is an interesting episode as Chris Evans is joined by Jaspreet Singh, founder of Druva.

Druva are a very smart company and this leads to an interesting chat about the importance of managing your “edge” data, that held on laptops, smartphones etc.. the stuff that goes out of the front door, how we protect it and most importantly how we find it again. Also a fascinating chat about cloud vendors, how to chose one and what you should think about.

Storage Unpacked – Cloud Data Protection

Note To Self

A little different this show – not as out and out techie focused, more a show about how we, as humans, use technology. This episode looks at the different tactics we can have as individuals dealing with concerns over privacy.

Always entertaining and thought provoking.

Note To Self

Tech Interviews

And of course, got to promote my own show, this week is the first in a series looking at data security and privacy. Data Privacy Attorney Sheila Fitzpatrick joins me to put some context around privacy, what it means, how it differs from security and also introduces the hot topic that is GDPR.

Sheila is hugely experienced in the field and has lots of great advice.. so give it a go.

Tech Interviews – Best Take Care Of Those Crown Jewels – Sheila Fitzpatrick – Ep 17

Happy listening.. look out for more next week.

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