Podcasts for the weekend 10th March

It’s Friday, so I know what you are asking, What on earth should I be loading up into my podcast players for some weekend tech listening Uncle Techstringy?

Well I am glad you asked, here’s some shows I’ve heard this week, that I think are well worth sharing;


This is the NetApp podcast, always a great resource for learning about NetApp technologies and strategy, occasionally though, they also bring atechontap ep76 with yahoo topic with wider appeal for those who are a non NetApp audience, and this is one such episode.

Yahoo’s Jeff Mohler joins the team to talk about how Yahoo develop their infrastructure and the methodologies they use to measure performance, troubleshoot and deploy technology and how they have built their own tools for doing so.

Tech ONTAP Episode 76

Arrow Bandwidth

A little double header here. Arrow ECS are a global technology distributor so not necessarily a name you’d be familiar with. However our hosts David Fearne andarrow-bandwidth-logo-header Rich Holmes bring together shows covering a wide range of topics.

These two shows are looking at technology predictions for 2017. A lot of things I’m on board with, especially around data, management, security and analytics. I’d agree that they are all going to be things we see develop significantly this year.

Have a listen to the two episodes and see what you think;

Tech Trends Part 1

Tech Trends Part 2


A bit off topic this one… some of you maybe familiar with the very successful Freakonomics book, but the equally excellent podcast is always thought provoking and quick to challenge common held perceptions.freakanomics

This episode from a couple of weeks ago caught my attention, as it looked at the visual effects industry and how it’s possible for a seemingly very successful industry to be derailed by the effect of things outside of their control.

Always worth a listen.

No Hollywood ending for the visual effects industry

Tech Interviews

No list is complete without my own podcast. This week is part 2 of my chat with Sheila Fitzpatrick regarding data privacy.022617_1149_Besttakecar1.jpg

We pick up on the specific effect of GDPR on the UK and the wider impact on countries outside of the EU. We then take on the challenge of how do we start to build our data privacy policies and controls.

The focus is, make sure you get your foundations right, because without that, we may well find out data privacy house falling down.

Check it our here;

Don’t Build Your Data Privacy House Upside Down – Sheila Fitzpatrick – Ep 18

Enjoy the podcasts and have a great weekend.










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