Podcasts for the weekend – 6th April 2017

Another weekend rolls around, so what podcasts are going to keep you wrapped warm in a blanket of tech knowledge?

Picked up a handful of good listens this week to share;

So here goes;

Microsoft Partner Network – Personal branding and social selling

Social networks have no doubt changed the way that we look to interact, look to sell and of course look to buy. But it’s also become an important part of career development for many of us. This episode of the Microsoft partner podcast brings in Microsoft Director of Business strategy Jen Sieger to talk about how personal branding and thoughtful social selling can help to grow your business and career.

MS Partner Podcast

Datanauts – Transitioning to a less technical role

An interesting part of career development for many of us, is that time when we decide we need to step back from the tools and pursue a less technical role, maybe one that is more management, strategic or technical marketing. Now although this is not for everyone, for those that do want to make that shift, it isn’t often that easy.

This episode Tom Hollingsworth shares with the Datanauts team how he managed that move, how he balanced the less hands on with his want to maintain his technical knowledge and how he looks at whether to keep his certifications.

Datanauts – Transitioning to a less technical role

Cloudcast – VMware beyond virtualisation

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this podcast before, but it’s a well established goodie, this is episode 292 and talks with Chris Wolf, VP & CTO, global field & industry at VMware, as they discuss emerging trends in the enterprise as well as looking a little into the crystal ball of tech to see what we can expect to see coming in the not too distant future.

Cloudcast – VMware beyond virtualisation

Tech interviews – Availability as part of digital transformation

This week I was joined by serial Tech Interviews offender Michael Cade of Veeam. He’s been talking to me for a few months now about this idea of Availability as part of digital transformation, so I thought it was about time I got him on to explain himself.

So I did!.. we discuss the what we mean by digital transformation, what risks that introduces and how we need to ensure we maintain traditional availability design principles, or else we may find we are going to not only impact our technology, but our business too…

Availability as part of digital transformation – Michael Cade – Ep 22

I hope you enjoy the shows, if you have some podcasts you’d like to share, tweet me @techstringy and let me know…


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