Tech Me For the Weekend – 26th May 2017

Was busy living it up in New Orleans at VeeamON last week, so didn’t get a chance to give you the weekly round of top tech titbits – but with a UK holiday weekend coming up, I didn’t want to leave you without some top content to enjoy – so here goes – enjoy the long weekend with this top tech..


The On-Premise IT roundtable (and yes On-Premise on purpose!)

I’m new to this show from the team behind tech field day – so a little behind in episodes but this first one was a cracker, Is DevOps a Disaster?  a roundtable discussion picking through the DevOps minefield and seeing if there is really anything to this DevOps thing.

Is DevOps a Disaster? The On-Premise IT Roundtable 2

Virtually Speaking Podcast and Interview with Michael Dell

Always a big fan of this show as a great way to keep up with VMware tech, but a bit of a departure this week as Pete and John are on the road at DellEMC world and they catch up with two key leaders from the business Chad Sakac and none other than Michael Dell himself, talking about the business and where they are heading.. fascinating stuff.

Virtually Speaking Podcast

The Geek Whisperers

Always like to give this show a plug when there is a new one.. and this week they are joined by Emily Hendershot and Renee Woods discussing the art of keynote presentations, a chat about the do’s and don’ts, if you fancy adding keynote speaker to your C.V., as always a great listen.

The Geek Whisperers

Tech Interview

Don’t forget my only little gem of a show, now with added theme tune! – this week we come from VeeamON as I catch up with Rick Vanover to discuss the future of Veeam, news from last weeks conference, including some of our favourite announcements, and what we can expect to hear in the future from them, give it a listen and let me know if you like the theme tune!

Remaining relevant in a changing world – Rick Vanover – Ep28


More of a reader than a listener?, worry not, these articles should keep you going

Office 365 adoption pack

I don’t normally go for product announcement stuff, but I made a bit of an exception this week with this Microsoft blog post on their new PowerBI dashboard for Office365. Not so much for the dashboard itself, but more because the area of data visualisation is a really interesting one and a topic I’m keen to understand better, and just thought this was an excellent example of the power of data visualisation.

Microsoft Office BLOG

Multi Cloud v Stacking

I thought this post from NetApp raised an interesting debating point, as many of us look to how we can take advantage of cloud services, this article raises a good question about whether you should consider a multi cloud strategy, obviously a NetApp slant, but a very good question, well worth a read.

NetApp Article

VeeamON Wrap Up’s

As I mentioned earlier, I was away in New Orleans last week at the VeeamON conference, lots of great announcements from the Veeam team, an awful lot to catch up on.

If you want a comprehensive list of the announcements then look no further than Michael Cade and his daily wrap up posts from the event, should give you all the Veeam goodness you could want.

VeeamON2017 Shakedown Part 1

VeeamON 2017 Shakedown Part 2

VeeamON it’s a wrap

Of course I couldn’t forget myself could I?, my own take on the VeeamON event and where Veeam are heading as a company is right here;

VeeamON It’s a Wrap

Well hopefully all of that will keep you busy this long weekend, enjoy it, whatever you are doing.




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