Gotcha – the challenge of moving to the cloud – Jon Green – Ep33

This week’s podcast, is the second of three looking at the challenges associated with moving to the cloud, last weeks show (which can be found here) focussed on integrating our data with the cloud.

This week we look at the equally challenging area of picking the right cloud service provider partners to help deliver your services, be that running your entire infrastructure or discreet applications, the choice of the right partner is key.

I think it’s often easy for us to not pay attention to partnerships when it comes to cloud, we assume the move is easy, that once we go to cloud everything will be “just fine”, however in my experience there are a whole range of “gotchas”, the kind of issues that can be the difference between success and failure of a cloud migration project.

This week I’m joined by Jon Green, Technical Solutions Director at Navisite Europe Ltd, to address some of these potential “gotchas”.

Jon is an experienced IT professional, with many cloud migrations under his belt and is well placed to point out some of the challenges we need to consider as we plan our cloud migration and develop those all important partnerships that are going to help us successfully deliver cloud services into our organisation.

We look at a range of issues that can impact our attempts at taking advantage of the flexibility, scale and commercial attractiveness that cloud can bring.

We discuss the risk of assuming that cloud migration is simple, especially when your applications are not “cloud ready”. The importance of understanding the underlying cloud infrastructure, as well as what comes with the common misconception that our cloud provider is just going to deal with “everything” for us.

Jon also explains how resilience is a key part of any modern IT strategy and that those based in the cloud are no different.

Finally we explore where an experienced cloud partner can bring real benefits to your cloud adoption.

Jon provides some excellent insight and lots of useful tips that you can hopefully use as you plan your own moves to the cloud.

You can find out more about Navisite at as well as follow them on twitter @Navisite.

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You can hear more about building cloud provider partnerships as Jon’s colleagues from Navisite will be joining me at on July 5th in Liverpool, why not come and join us.

Next week we wrap up our cloud migration series with Lee Clark from GivepennyUK as he shares how cloud services have allowed him to deliver real innovation into the charity fundraising market.

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