IT Avengers Part Two – Assemble Again – Ep39

The IT Avengers are assembling again this week, but this time I’m joined by a whole new team, as four more experts from the IT community share their view on the current state of IT within business, the day to day issues and how to overcome them.

This week’s podcast panel is;

Ed Morgan a Sales Engineer for Rubrik Inc.

Ed has an extensive IT background having worked for over 10 years as a datacentre technologist across multiple technology platforms. Today Ed has made the leap to a vendor, now working for Rubrik, providing him with a wide view of the industry.

You can find more from Ed on twitter @mo6020 or his blog

Mick Kehoe is Chief Technologist at Logicalis in Ireland. He is heavily data focused in his role helping his businesses customers to find answers too the many challenges that come with data management, from storing it, to analysing it.

Mick sees a wide range of challenges and working with some of the country’s biggest organisations has a great handle on what is happening to businesses of all types.

Mick is on the twitters @mickehoe

Ruairi McBride is a Technical Account Manager at Arrow ECS. Working with Arrow’s large partner channel, Ruairi gets a fantastic overview of the requirements of a vast spectrum of businesses in the UK and out to a wider global market. With a speciality in storage infrastructures, Ruairi offers great insights into the challenges seen by many of us.

You can find him on twitter @mcbride_ruairi

Jason Benedicic is Principal Consultant for ANS Group, working closely with their large customer portfolio.

Jason has a great experience of working with businesses at all levels, from boardroom to techie, providing him with valuable knowledge from the boardroom business challenge to the nuts and bolts of delivery, allowing him to bring some really valuable knowledge and experience to our discussion.

Jason can be found on twitter @jabenedicic and his soon to be launched blog

Again it’s an information packed show, so packed in fact that I’ve decided to split it into two episodes, with the final part coming next week.

In this first part we tackle another round of business IT challenges. We look at how many of us have a “cloud first” strategy, without really knowing what that means?

We also look at why “cloud first” doesn’t mean that everything has to rush to the cloud and why taking your existing infrastructure and “lifting and shifting it” to AWS is hardly ever the right answer!

We also look at something that was a topic last week, as we discuss how getting the basics right and how a focus on the “boring old stuff” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We wrap by looking at the importance of a good foundation as critical to your future success.

Hopefully plenty more valuable information and something to help you tackle your current business IT challenges.

Next week, we’ll finish off this brief series of panel discussions as we hear more from the team on the key challenges they are seeing.

To make sure you don’t miss it, you can subscribe in all of the usual places.

Thanks for listening.

You can find last week’s first episode of the IT Avengers panel right here IT Avengers Assemble – Part One – Ep38

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