Something for the weekend – it’s back!

I haven’t done one of these posts for ages, just one of those things, end of the week, didn’t really get time to write them out. But this week I’ve listened to three really interesting podcasts and wanted to share them, so instead of tweeting them out individually I thought i’d pop them all into this blog.

One of the most fascinating areas of my role at the moment is working with organisations around their data strategy and future plans, a big part of those plans is how to get the most from their data in the future, using machine learning, AI, data analytics etc.

Shows and articles on those topics always catch my attention, but three this week really stood out.

Tech Village Podcast – Ep18 – The Dark Side of Algorithms – Guest: Rachel Traylor, Ph.D.

techvillage podcast

Rachel is a proper mathematician and delivers some fantastic insight into the world of analytics and the reality of just how complex this subject is and why it is crucial, if you are going to use analytics and algorithms you need to invest in true expertise.

Great listen from a proper expert in her field and you will learn lots.

Have a listen

Arrow Bandwidth Big Data Edition. AI in the wild

On the AI subject, this special edition of the Arrow Bandwidth podcast features a recording of David Fearne chatting about practical implementations of AI and some of the projects that Arrow and David have worked on in the last few years.

He shares some of the challenges on deploying AI and also how services such as IBM Watson has had a significant impact on the ability to bring AI to all kinds of organisations, some fascinating case studies.

Windows Insider – Jobs of Tomorrow

Twindows insider podcasthis focuses on some of the new job types that the future of computing is starting to generate and includes a fascinating chat with members of Microsoft’s quantum computing team, what quantum computing can do, the kind of problems they are solving and the skills they look for to help build this fascinating technology!

You can find the show here :

Some fascinating listening there, so while you’re kicking back this weekend why not give them a listen.

And of course I can’t forget a bit of self promotion, if you’ve never checked out Tech Interview, then Episode 70 is a great place to start as Storage Industry Analyst Howard Marks joins me to discuss the state of the data market, the impact of cloud, the changing roles of those working in the industry and what the future holds.

Check it out here : The State of the data nation – Howard Marks – Ep70

If you’d rather read your tech than listen to it, then I’ve published a couple of articles in the last week, one looking at the challenges of using public cloud storage in the enterprise and how some of those challenges are starting to be tackled, you can find that here:

And last but by no means least, I revisit an old favourite as we discuss data protection for Office365, As i take a look at Veeam’s new Backup for Office365 tool and why you may want to take the do it yourself stance to protecting your 365 data. Protecting 365 – a look at Veeam Backup for Office 365

Enjoy the content and enjoy the weekend.



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