Cloud evolution or revolution? – W. Curtis Preston – Ep79

As we adopt an ever-increasing amount of cloud services into our businesses, are we part of a technology revolution or is it just the next evolutionary step in the way we do things? There is no doubt that cloud has revolutionised some businesses and that some would not exist without the incredible amount of services and innovation that the public cloud, in particular, can offer to us. However, that’s not the case for everyone, for those whose businesses pre-date “The Cloud”, we have legacy systems, “traditional” approaches to doing things and systems that are not architected like cloud applications.

So, what does that mean to us as we adopt cloud services? Especially when it comes to those “boring” topics such as data protection of our cloud integrated systems?

curtis preston newThat’s the topic I explore with this week’s guest “Mr Backup” also known as W. Curtis Preston, Curtis is Chief Technical Architect at Druva and has worked in the data protection space for 25 years.

We start out by discussing this evolution, from Terminals in datacentres to running our sensitive data “on someone else’s computer”, we look at what this means for data protection and clarify the position most cloud providers take when it comes to responsibility.

Curtis then shares some experience of what cloud data protection means and how we need to rethink our approach, as our on-prem methods do not necessarily translate to the cloud, in fact, if we are protecting “cloud native” then we need to think “cloud native” protection approaches.

We look at Druva’s approach to the problem and the power that comes with getting all of our data, regardless of location into a single repository and how that opens up options for getting insight and intelligence about the data we hold.

We also share some thoughts on the future and how the continued move to the cloud is going to break our on-prem data protection approaches if we don’t properly consider the way we protect our cloud-hosted information.

Finally, we dip into a topic we covered in the last episode as we look at VMware cloud on AWS, what that means for VMware customers and their transition to the cloud and of course the importance of protecting that data. If you are heading out to VMworld you will find Curtis In Barcelona discussing “The New Era of Cloud Data Management” why not look up his session.

If you want more information on what Druva are doing in this space visit you can also follow them on twitter @druvainc and you can follow Curtis @wcpreston.

Great information from Curtis, hope you enjoy the show.

Next week we start a series of shows from my recent conference travels, with a large range of topics from data protection at scale to automation, ultra-fast performance to AI, If you want to ensure you don’t miss those shows you can subscribe and leave a review to help others find it.

Thanks for listening.

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