Why stay in the data industry? – Greg Knieriemen – Ep81

The data industry is a really interesting place right now, for many organisations their data and the challenges of how they use it, secure it and derive value from it is right at the top of the CIO’s priority list. However, data is not the only area of the technology industry that is interesting, automation, AI, machine learning, IoT, new development platforms and of course the fascinating world of the hyperscalers.

So, when you are an experienced technologist, well known in the industry and you are presented with a range of new opportunities, what is it that attracts you back to work in the data industry?

That’s the question I put to this week’s guest, experienced tech industry “veteran” Greg Knieriemen. Greg has just ended a highly successful stint at Hitachi and was presented with a range of interesting opportunities; however, it was one of those established storage vendors, NetApp, that appealed the most to him, but why? What could the data industry continue to offer someone with an already wide experience of it?

When we recorded Greg was only a couple of months into his new role as Chief Technologist, so we start by exploring why he chose to stay a part of the data industry and what about NetApp, in particular, attracted him. Greg shares how he realised that NetApp is not just a storage company but one looking to solve data problems.

We explore the reality of digital transformation and why it can’t be technology led, but we do look at why technology companies can play a part. Greg also shares his enthusiasm (more than once!) for new NetApp solution, MAX Data.

We discuss the world of multi-cloud as the natural evolution for companies and how it is likely to be a new reality. We also discuss why this multi-cloud world presents a range of new challenges, especially when it comes to security and privacy.

Greg also shares some thoughts on the reality of technology adoption and that there is never one way to solve a problem with tech!

We finish up looking at what’s exciting Greg about his new role and why he thinks NetApp is better placed than most to tackle the complex data challenges of the modern business and how the best way to judge a company’s success is to look at their proof points and why you should never believe a technology evangelist!

I really enjoyed meeting up with Greg at NetApp Insight and certainly enjoyed our chat here and Greg’s take on the industry, I hope you enjoy listening.

If you want to find out more from Greg you can find him on twitter @Knieriemen as well as on LinkedIn.

Until next time, thanks for listening.

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