Automate all of the things – Jason Benedicic – Ep82

The technology industry is changing as quickly as ever, with new ways of working, new technologies to absorb and new challenges presented almost daily to our IT teams. How are we supposed to keep up? One way is to automate, to take repetitive tasks and find ways to deliver them via code and automation tools.

If you spend any time listening to vendors in the technology market, you won’t go very far before you hear about how they are embracing automation, ensuring their API’s are there for all to use and sharing their expertise in community repositories like GitHub.

But what does it all really mean? What is automation good for and what can it help you achieve? Does it offer more than just a way to simplify repetitive tasks? These are all questions I’ve had for a while and on this week’s podcast I catch up with Jason Benedicic, an independent consultant, who amongst other things, specialises in automation, to help answer some of these basic questions about automation and why it’s useful.

In this week’s show, Jason provides some fantastic insights into the world of automation, we start by discussing what automation is and what in your business makes a good automation candidate. We talk about why automation is more than just coding tasks and how it introduces flexibility and reduces the number of times a task is “passed” around a business.

We look at how automation is not only key to innovation but also delivers uniformity, a crucial part in managing and securing a modern infrastructure.

Jason shares his experience of how to identify a process that makes a good automation candidate and how a good candidate doesn’t have to be some new Cloud architecture or innovation and how many of our traditional IT tasks make equally good candidates.

We wrap up with Jason providing some great advice on where to start with automation, focus on what you know, use the community and whatever you do, don’t reinvent the wheel.

Jason provides some great insight into the world of automation and where to get started, I hope you enjoy it and it helps you to start your automation journey.

To find out more from Jason you can reach him on Twitter at @jabenedicic and find his blog at

Jason also mentioned some resources you may want to try;

NetApp Pub

VMware {code}


Code Academy

As always, thanks for listening.

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