Looking ahead to 2019 – Dave Russell – Ep84

Welcome to the first Tech Interviews Podcast of 2019, we already have a bunch of shows lined up and ready to go over the next few weeks, covering a wide range of topics including Social Media and the IT Pro, Cloud Native Databases and Cyber Threat Hunting, all coming up soon.

But how else do you start a new podcast year than by dusting off the crystal ball and looking ahead to some of the trends and developments that will affect your IT decision making, strategies and day to day work in tech.

Our look ahead this year is focused on the world of data management as I’m joined by Dave Russell, VP, Enterprise Strategy at Veeam. Dave’s career of almost 30 years has been predominately focussed on data management, specifically backup (highlighted perfectly by his twitter handle @backupdave), it’s included working at some of the world’s biggest data management companies, including a stint as a respected analyst at Gartner.

Before we look ahead, I ask Dave what it is that has kept him in the data management industry and what was it that encouraged him to jump from the good ship Gartner back into the world of vendors with Veeam.

We then look ahead at some of the key areas that will influence our technology decisions throughout 2019. We start with a look at the increasing use of multi-cloud, why it is becoming much more the “norm”, the value of its flexibility, as well as some of the challenges we still need to overcome.

Dave also shares some thoughts on why he sees flash-based storage becoming more commonplace and how this growth in the use of low latency, high-performance storage will have big impacts on the way we use our data.

Linked to this we also explore the trend of predictive analytics and how this is going to both impact and empower those working with technology and how machine learning is going to be key in providing some much-needed help to the poor overworked IT admin!

Dave’s 4th prediction for 2019 is not a technology one, as we discuss the changing role of the IT Pro, how he expects to see the rise of the generalist, replacing specialists in most companies. Dave also shares some thoughts about how this reflects the change in the way many businesses are running as we discuss the importance of a focus on outcomes before infrastructure and how cultural transformation will impact those working in IT.

We wrap up by looking at a couple of trends that Dave doesn’t expect to see change in 2019, we discuss some potential inhibitors to adopting new trends and the impact this will have on organisations own transformation efforts.

Dave presents some interesting ideas for us to consider and watch out for in 2019, if you want to find out more about Dave and his role you can find him on twitter @BackupDave.

If you want to find out more about these predictions, Dave presented them at the 2018 VeeamON virtual conference, you can still find his presentation at https://go.veeam.com/veeamon-virtual/ you will need to register your details to access the site, but there is a whole range of excellent content from the event, as well as Dave’s predictions presentation.

Next week we look at social media and the role it can play in an IT Pro’s career, whether you’re a sysadmin or an exec, social media can open many doors. To make sure you catch it, why not subscribe to the show, you’ll find us in all good homes of podcasts.

Thanks for listening.

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