The Cloud Transition Conundrum – Eric Kraieski – Ep89

The adoption of public cloud continues to grow and remains high on the list of priorities of those tasked with delivering technology solutions to their business, be you someone making strategic decisions or the IT pro tasked with delivery of services, the move to public cloud brings with it a whole set of new challenges.

How do I design my cloud infrastructure? How do I integrate it with what I have? How do I get my crucial on-prem assets into the public cloud? Are just some of the questions we ask and need answers to so we can ensure we  successfully take advantage of public cloud to deliver better services and outcomes to our organisations, how then do we find those answers and how should we approach our cloud transition?

Over the next three Tech Interviews episodes, in conversation with Cloud Architects and transition specialists we are going to explore just that. In this first episode we look at Cloud transition, as I’m joined by Eric Kraieski, Vice President of the Software Business Unit at Transitional Data Services (TDS), Eric has 10 years of experience in the area of Cloud transition making him a great guest to kick off this series of shows.

In this chat we look at the challenges of transitioning to the Cloud and how to develop a strategy to overcome them, we start with looking at building an understanding of why an organisation would benefit from a move as well as the importance of a focus on business outcomes and alignment with business goals.

We examine the impact of not planning and also the risks of assuming you know best and explore the common mistakes caused by poor testing of a migration strategy, taking a siloed approach and focussing on nothing other than data.

Finally, Eric shares some advice on how to plan for your migration from understanding your objectives, through to validation, preparation and documentation. We wrap up looking at the approach TDS take to help deliver Cloud transition projects and how their automated tools can help in all elements of the project from understanding your current setup, to building run books that allow for a standardised and repeatable approach.

Eric provides lots of great insights, if you want to find out more you can find him on Linkedin or contact him via email and to learn more about TDS’s services then check them out over at

Next time, in part two of this series we look at the world of Azure, as I speak with Sarah Lean, Cloud Architect at Microsoft, to catch that show why not subscribe to Tech Interviews wherever you get you podcasts.

Thanks for listening.

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