It’s a Dell Dell technologies World – Chris Evans – Ep97

The Tech Conference is always an interesting source of information, a chance to learn about anything from strategy to technical details. I’m lucky enough to attend quite a few events throughout the year but one that I’ve never attended is Dell Technologies World. Dell with their wide portfolio, including VMware, can potentially impact and influence organisations of all types, with that in mind, Dell Technologies World is becoming an increasingly interesting event as their wide portfolio has the ability to meet many of our modern technology demands.

On this week’s show, we take a look at the main announcements from the Vegas event, what they mean for those buying enterprise IT and for Dell themselves. To help me pick through the event I’m joined by industry analyst and the host of the excellent Storage Unpacked podcast, Chris Evans.

We start by discussing who the event is aimed at and what that says about Dell, what their wide portfolio means to their customers and others as well as taking a quick look at some of the storage and data protection announcements.

We then look at what seemed to be the main thrust of the event, Dell’s Cloud strategy, we discuss what Dell Technologies Cloud on Dell EMC may mean for you and the evolution of on-prem solutions with OPEX cost models and how the hybrid world increasingly is not only about technology, but also a variety of consumption models and what this means for infrastructure management?

We pick up on possibly the biggest announcement from the event VMware Cloud on Azure, what it means for customers, their cloud integration and longer-term moves to the cloud. We finish up discussing Dell’s “edge to core to cloud” strategy and how data is going to be managed in this kind of environment in the future.

Chris as always gives a fantastic insight into the event, with some interesting takes on what Dell covered as well as asking some interesting questions about Dell’s direction.

To hear and read more from Chris, you can find the fantastic Storage Unpacked podcast at and follow them on twitter @StorageUnpacked.

And you can follow Chris via and on twitter @chrismevans

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Thanks for listening.

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