Mission Critical Wi-Fi – Roger Sands – Ep 114

One of the biggest technology changes of the last 5-10 years for consumers as well as businesses has been the growth in the use of Wi-Fi. Today we almost feel it is our right to be connected to high performance, resilient and reliable wireless infrastructure so that we can remain online doing everything from updating social media to carrying out conference calls, the demand for wireless is endless.

It is not just a demand caused by users, the increasing number of devices we have that need connectivity to our networks to communicate with and provide data to our critical systems also continues to skyrocket. This connectivity is no longer “a nice to have” it is increasingly business-critical, to the point that a disruption in Wi-Fi performance can have a severe impact on an organisation’s operations.

Wi-Fi also presents us with new challenges, its complex nature, amount of devices and speed of growth are making managing and delivering reliable and enterprise-class wireless increasingly difficult, how then do we look to ensure the quality of our wireless networks to meet these business mission-critical demands?

120419_1614_MissionCrit2.jpgThat is the topic of this week’s podcast as I chat with Roger Sands, CEO at Wyebot. Roger has 25 years’ experience in the IT industry with the last 15 of those spent working in the Wi-Fi space, in that time he has seen a huge growth in demand and of course a massive growth in complexity and challenge of delivering Wi-Fi to our modern connectivity hungry world. In this show, Roger shares the Wyebot philosophy of Wi-Fi assurance and how developing new approaches to Wi-Fi management and control can deliver Wi-Fi when it needs to be business-critical.

We chat about;

  • The trend to “mission-critical” Wi-Fi
  • Is Wi-Fi architecture “growing up”?
  • Wi-Fi complexity presenting new challenges
  • Little problems cause big issues
  • The security risk
  • Importance of Wi-Fi intelligence to augment our IT teams
  • The Wyebot approach
  • Why you need Wi-Fi assurance

One of the great values of doing this show is learning about something new and this chat with Roger was a great example of that, the critical nature of Wi-Fi was not something I’d considered and in my experience is still considered a nice to have benefit rather than core infrastructure, Roger shares some great insights into why that needs to change and how to do it and I hope you found it as useful as I did.

To find out more about Wyebot and their Wi-Fi Assurance approach you can visit wyebot.com where you will find information, whitepapers and blogs as well as a way to access both demos and trials of Wyebot’s solutions.

That is that for Tech Interviews in 2019, thanks to everyone who has contributed to the show this year and to all of those who take the time to listen. The show will be back in 2020 exploring more tech trends, but until then, have a great Christmas holiday break and until next year.

Thanks for listening.

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