Vision 2020 Part Two – Rick Vanover, John Nicholson – Ep116

It’s part two of our new year look ahead last week we looked at areas such as tech company consolidation, more acceptance of the move to cloud and maybe even the death of blockchain. In this second part, I catch up with two more respected industry figures Rick Vanover and John Nicholson. Rick and John are highly experienced technologists and provide some fascinating thoughts on what the next 12 months may bring.

We cover topics from 5G networks, accepting that hybrid cloud is OK and Kubernetes moving from hype to adoption.

Rick Vanover @RickVanover

Rick is Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam and a well-known figure across the technology community. He’s now entering his 10th year at Veeam and has spent much of his career in the data management and protection field.

During our chat we take a look at two key areas, firstly we explore the challenges presented by organisations reticence to change their applications to take advantage of new deployment models and platforms, how this is impacting their ability to evolve and how been prepared to have tough conversations around change should be embraced.

We also discuss the idea that hybrid-cloud is OK and that we shouldn’t be afraid of using the public cloud, but Rick also cautions against using cloud for “clouds-sake” and that we must always consider the best solution for tackling any challenge.

John Nicholson @lost_signal

John is part of the technical marketing team at VMware, focussing on their HCI and VSAN technologies, also a well know tech community figure, John co-hosts the excellent Virtually Speaking podcast (find it here you can also contact the show which covers all things VMware as well as a broader look at the technology industry.

In our chat, we look at the evolution of wide area networking as we discuss the potential wider adoption of 5G networks and what this will means for the enterprise. We also discuss Kubernetes and how we may just be beyond the hype cycle and will start to see this container management technology much more widely adopted and potentially becoming the default way some companies deliver their software.

We wrap up John’s thoughts by discussing the grown-up world of storage and how this market will remain steady and “uninteresting” but what we will begin to see is the move to a new way of how we think about our data and the platforms it sits on with the evolution of DataOps.

Both John and Rick provide great insight and thoughts on some of the areas you may wish to keep abreast of as we enter into another year of enterprise IT. Across the two shows our guests have given us some great food for thought, if you didn’t hear the first show you’ll find it here, 2020 promises to be another interesting year of innovation in the tech industry so strap in and get ready for the ride!

Next week we look at the part VMware plays in building cloud solutions, public, private and hybrid with my guest Kelly Goolsby. To get that you can subscribe to the show in all good homes of podcasts, now including Spotify.

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