Modernising all of the things at Microsoft Ignite – Ruairi McBride and Jason Benedicic – Ep 120

Modernisation is a buzzword across the IT industry, but it is more than just a technology subject, it is about changing the way you view and use technology, deliver services, products, deal with customers and drive innovation across all aspects of the enterprise and of course IT plays a part in that, but how?

This week’s podcast was recorded at Microsoft’s Ignite Tour in London early in 2020 where I caught up with two of my friends from the IT industry to discuss modernisation across applications, datacentres and businesses and how technology providers like Microsoft are helping to enable this kind of transformational change.

Ruairi McBride, Datacentre Modernisation Practice Lead at Arrow UK and Jason Benedicic an Independent Consultant specialising in DevOps and application modernisation share with me their varied experience working with enterprises of all types to help modernise technology, process and practices and provide interesting insights into both the general practice of modernisation as well as how Microsoft technology can help to deliver it.

Amongst our topics, we discuss.

  • What we mean by modernisation
  • How and what is application modernisation
  • How the speed of development and delivery is key
  • What types of companies are investing in application modernisation
  • Who is modernising their datacentres?
  • Why it is much more than just technology refresh
  • Why “consumer” technology is driving enterprise thinking
  • Microsoft modernisation technologies
  • The “enterprise focussed” cloud
  • What is driving companies to modernise?

I really enjoyed this chat and learned a lot about how and what is driving enterprises of all shapes and sizes to modernise their business practices and technologies. I hope you gain as much from the insights Ruairi and Jason provide as I did. You can find much more from both of them via twitter @mcbride_ruairi and @jabenedicic you can also read about the work they do on their websites and

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Until next time, thanks for listening.

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