Revisiting our old friend VDI – Laurence James – Ep121

The use of virtual desktops is seemingly always about to become the next big wave of technology, there is an industry running joke that this year will be the year of VDI (and completely coincidentally for this podcast, flexible and remote working technology has never been more in the news) but it has never quite happened, it’s not that VDI or centralised desktops aren’t deployed or remain a strategically relevant consideration, it just never quite seems to get the critical mass that it often promises too.

Why hasn’t VDI become a widely adopted technology? It makes sense, the centralisation of desktops and the simplification of management and flexibility it presents do make an attractive option, but seemingly not attractive enough.

On this week’s show, I’m joined by NetApp’s Laurence James (Products and Solutions Manager for Northern EMEA), we caught up at NetApp Insight in London earlier this year (so there is no Corona Virus chat here) to explore VDI, why it has not been more widely adopted up to this point and how both changing end-user computer demands, as well as more powerful and flexible technology, may be evolving just enough to drive wider virtual desktop adoption, is this finally the year of VDI?

In this week’s episode, we discuss.

  • What is VDI?
  • How a changing world is driving the need for richer content to be more widely available
  • The $12bn market
  • The Changing demands of the end user “experience”
  • Why VDI has failed before
  • It’s not applications it’s end user demand
  • How flexible compute can make VDI investments more realistic
  • If VDI hasn’t been for me in the past, why would it be now?
  • How are vendors like NetApp helping their customers to adopt this kind of technology

The centralised desktop with all the simplification of management and better control and security for our data makes a lot of sense, however it has, up to now, never quite taken off, but Loz makes some fascinating points and a strong case as to why that may be about to change, as evolving end-user demands and more flexible hardware infrastructure may just make VDI a more attractive option when we discuss our future technology and data strategies.

If you want to contact Loz you will find him on twitter @lozdjames or email him at you can also find out more about the NetApp technology Loz discussed during the show check on the end-user computing section of their website

Thanks for listening.

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