Getting started with data visualisation – Catherine Wilks – Ep127

In our increasingly data focussed world the desire to gain more insight from our data to help us to make better decisions continues to grow. This has lead to a real upsurge in the need to not only find better ways to analyse data, but also approaches that make the ability to analyse it more widespread and get tools into the hands of those inside of an enterprise who need it to help them make better decisions for their companies and customers alike.

How do we go about building this kind of data analytics strategy? That’s the question for this week’s podcast, the second in our series looking at how we use data (part one with Matt Watts is here). This week I’m joined by Catherine Wilks, Data and Analytics Practice Lead at data specialist Slalom.

Catherine has spent 15 years working in analytics and data visualisation and in this episode she shares with us that experience and provides some basic steps on how to develop your data analytics strategy.

Join us as we cover.

  • What do we mean by visualisation?
  • How to avoid making stepping into work seem like stepping back in time?
  • Are we adopting Analytics and why we should be?
  • How starting small can still bring big benefits.
  • Why it’s OK to not always find something new.
  • How data analytics can attract talent.
  • 5 Steps to building an analytics strategy.
  • The importance of a “Data Culture”

Data visualisation is a fascinating area and one that is only going to become more prevalent inside of every enterprise as we all strive to find ways to get more value from our data assets. Catherine shares some fantastic tips and insight into starting the process of building your data visualisation strategy to find out more about Catherine or Slalom and the work they do you can find them at and you can find Catherine on LinkedIn and Twitter @c_j_wilks.

If you have an idea for or would like to appear as a guest on the show, then drop me an email at

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Until next time, thanks for listening.

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