If Chatbots Only Had a Brain – Peter Voss – Ep 137

It’s pretty much the norm for us now that when we visit a website we are increasingly used to seeing the arrival on-screen of a helpful chat assistant, normally popping up in the bottom corner of the page and offering to help us out and to try to triage our requirements.

It is the modern equivalent of the automated telephony assistant, the infernal press 1 for sales, press 2 for technical… press 3 to give up all hope! and like those systems, some are done well and some, not so much! These services aim to improve our experience when visiting a site, to provide some enhanced customer engagement in a world where we can quickly flit from site to site if we don’t feel we can find what we need or get the service we want.

The issue though is these types of services are limited and are not smart enough to understand our requirements or add context to the conversation, but what if they were smarter? What if we could add some cognitive intelligence to these services? What opportunities does that present? How could we improve the experience for our service users, what if chatbots had a brain?

That is the question we ask on this week’s Tech interviews with my guest CEO and founder of aigo.ai, Peter Voss. Peter comes with extensive experience in building cognitive intelligence and has today harnessed that in his new company, still in the early growth stage, but already working with a wide range of companies to build the next generation of cognitive assistant, one that starts to address some of the limitations we currently see in the market.

We chat about

  • the current state of “assistants”
  • where is the value in deploying them?
  • the limitations of assistants without a brain!
  • how is the technology and the market changing?
  • the power of cognitive intelligence
  • how a good assistant can help retain customers
  • how aigo.ai are helping
  • where to start with a cognitive assistant project

Peter provides a fascinating insight into a part of the technology market that is going to become increasingly prevalent to business as we all look at ways we can use technology to help us be more efficient and improve the experience of our customers, partners and employees.

You can find out more about aigo.ai by visiting their website aigo.ai and you can find more from Peter via his blog hosted on Medium. You can also email him at peter@aigo.ai and find him on Linkedin.

If you have an idea for the show or would like to appear as a guest then email me at podcast@techstringy.com. To catch the next episode, you can subscribe in all the usual ways.

Until next time thanks for watching or listening.

You can watch this weeks show here;

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