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The fact that the importance of data to every business continues to grow is not a surprise. Our data estates been more complex, more geographically spread and housed in more data repositories than ever before, again should not be a surprise and neither is it that our demands on our data are also increasing, we want it to be more useful to us, be used as part of new data strategies, but we also need it to be more highly available than ever, more portable and more flexible.

For many organisations they are making great strides in delivering the above to their enterprises, developing new data strategies and platforms to meet their business demands. However, it is these challenges that are also leading to us needing to consider another part of our data infrastructure and that is our data protection. The state of our data protection strategy should also be under constant review, does what we are doing today meet the demands of our business? Are we protecting our data, able to use it in new and inventive ways and allow it to be portable as needed?

A few months ago, I attended VeeamON, Veeam’s annual technical conference, one of the sessions I found extremely useful dealt with the exact topic I’ve just described, the state of the data protection industry in 2020. With that in mind, I asked the presenter of the session if he’d be happy to share those thoughts with the Tech Interviews audience and he said yes, so on this week’s show I’m joined by Dave Russell, Veeam’s Vice President of Enterprise Strategy to share some of the ideas from that session as well as applying some updates to it based on the changes we have all witnessed in 2020.

We discuss.

  • Data strategy is for businesses of all sizes.
  • The current state of the protection market.
  • The enterprise “frustration”.
  • The complexity of data protection.
  • How 2020 has changed the market.
  • Do not underestimate “it just works”.
  • The risk of “cyber threat” and data protection.
  • How can we get our “backups” to do more?
  • How does a backup vendor be a part of “transformation”?
  • The importance of data portability.
  • Three tips for your data strategy.
  • Even licences need to be portable.

Data protection remains critical to every business and ensuring the strategy you have is right for your business needs is crucial. Dave mentioned the upcoming Veeam Live event on 20th October, for those of you interested in your data protection strategy and developing cloud data management best practices, this may be an event you find very useful you can find out more and register for it here. If you’d like to know more about Veeam you will find them on and you can follow Dave on twitter @BackupDave.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to appear as a guest why not email and to ensure you catch the next episode then please subscribe on YouTube or via your favourite podcast app.

Until next time, thanks for listening and watching.

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