Looking ahead with Storage Field Day 21 – Barry Coombs, Jason Collier, Max Mortillaro – Ep 149

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It is 2021 and Tech Interviews is back with new shows looking at all aspects of enterprise IT. For this first show of the year, we do what all good podcasts like to do and take a look ahead to 2021 and what we expect to see in the technology space. The topic of our look ahead this week is the storage industry, as I catch up with some of my fellow delegates from a recent industry event we attended, Storage Field Day 21.

For those not familiar with the field day events, these are a long-running series of sessions that operate over multiple enterprise tech disciplines cloud, networking, security and of course storage. The events are hosted by well-known industry figure Stephen Foskett, bringing together leading vendors who share a mixture of what they are doing now and where they are heading, all in front of a panel of industry specialists, ranging from analysts and consultants to deep technical experts. Where I have always found these events useful is as a great learning resource, all of the field day sessions are held and freely accessible via their YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/Techfieldday), If you need to find out some background on a vendor, there is a strong chance they have presented to a field day audience before, so well worth checking out.

What of Storage Field Day 21? What did it have to offer? What were the key themes? And what did it tell us about current storage industry trends? That is the topic of this first show of the year as I join up with three of my fellow delegates to hear what they thought and their key “takeaways” from the event.

This week’s guests are.

Barry Coombes Co-Owner chief technologist at Computer World you’ll find him on Twitter @virtualisedreal and I can also highly recommend you check out his fantastic event “doodles” a brilliant form of note-taking techdoodles.co.uk.

Jason Collier a serial entrepreneur who has presented at many a field day event, but now sits in the delegate chair as an analyst at GigaOM you’ll find Jason on Twitter @bocanuts.

Max Mortillaro– co-owner and analyst at Techunplugged and you will find him on Twitter @darkkavenger.

Join us as we cover the key moments from another excellent Storage Field Day Event and hopefully apply some context to what we heard.

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