The Art of Transformation – Chris Gherardini – Ep157

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“Transformation” is a phrase we hear a lot, in fact, it almost feels like everyone in the world has some kind of transformation project going on. In reality, over the last 12 months or so, we all have, we have changed the way we operate as businesses and as people.

But what does it mean to go through a transformation as a business? What is transformation? How do we do it well? And are there tips that can help your transformation projects be successful? it’s something I see many enterprises concern themselves with. So when I was asked would I like to do a podcast episode talking about the subject I jumped at the chance.

Joining me this week is Chris Gherardini, founder of Turnkey Technologies a US-based consultancy business, focussed on helping companies deliver business transformation projects. Chris started Turnkey 27 years ago after cutting his technology teeth in an accountancy practice, so comes to this conversation with a lot of experience.

It is a very interesting conversation about the art of delivering business transformation, so join as we discuss.

  • The four pillars of transformation.
  • What drives change?
  • Seeing transformation as an opportunity.
  • Things to avoid in your approach.
  • The importance of vision.
  • It is a cultural thing.
  • Top tips for getting transformation right.

Chris has a wide experience and offers some top tips for delivering successful business transformation. If you want to find out more about Chris and the work he does check out the Turnkey Technologies Website. We are all constantly facing change and any tips on how to do it well are always welcomed, so I hope you found as much useful information in what Chris said as I did.

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Until next time thanks for watching and listening.

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