What does low-code and serverless mean to you? – Mike Williams – Ep 160

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The demands on business IT continue to evolve rapidly, we need our technology to respond to change, to be deployed quickly, provide scale and flexibility. These changes are not only driving innovation in the way we build technology with solutions like cloud and containers. It is also changing the way applications are developing with approaches such as low/no-code and serverless becoming increasingly common.

On this week’s Tech Interviews we look at these new development approaches and ask what does low-code and serverless mean for you and your enterprise? Joining me to discuss this is Mike Williams, founder, and CTO at BuildLab. Mike brings to the conversation the experience of not only a developer using these tools but as someone running a business who has seen value in this approach. One that has allowed him to focus on the outcomes, without the need to worry about infrastructure complexity.

We discuss.

  • Trends driving change.
  • What is low code and serverless?
  • Don’t get hung up on how, focus on the what
  • It isn’t for everyone
  • How do you define the right route for you?
  • What makes a good project?
  • This is not a silver bullet
  • BuildLab, building more with less.

I found this a really useful introduction to a technology and approach that is becoming more commonplace. I like Mike’s approach, using these technologies to allow the focus to be on outcomes while appreciating that this doesn’t work for everyone.

If you want to find out more about Mike and BuildLab you can. Mike is on Twitter @mikethough and you can find him via his website mwilliams.co. You can find BuildLab at buildlab.co and on Twitter @buildlabdigital. He also mentioned the Visual Dev podcast which can be found here. Finally, he also mentioned the Makerpad community to get you started on this journey, you can reach them here.

I hope you enjoyed that, if you have an idea for a show or would like to be a guest email me at podcast@techstringy.com.

Until next time thanks for watching and listening.

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