I’m Paul Stringfellow a Technical Director of a long established UK based  IT consultancy  Gardner Systems plc .

With over 20 years experience in the industry, I spend much of my time meeting with IT strategists and decision makers helping them to see how the latest in IT solutions can help them address their business issues.

I’m a technology enthusiast and thought this site would be a nice way to share some of the great technology I come across, as well as sharing experiences of working with many great customers and innovative technology partners.

I’m also proud to be on the 2017 CRN A-List of people in the technology industry as well as lucky enough to be part of the fantastic NetApp A Team.

I’ve now branched out into the world of podcasts with the TechStringy Interviews podcast, you can find the back catalogue in the TechStringy Interviews section of this site and you can subscribe on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts, feel free to have a listen.

I hope you enjoy the site content and if you would like to explore any of the topics on here further please feel free to contact me either via this site or look me up on twitter or LinkedIn.


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