Techstringy Interviews – Docker, Containers and Server 2016 – Oh my!

Welcome to the second of the Techstringy interviews, this one came about after visiting a recent Tech User Group event in Manchestermarcus-robinson (very good events – check them out).

One of the speakers at the event was Marcus Robinson (@techdiction) of Microsoft, his topic was
containers in Windows Server 2016. For those of us in the technology industry, containers are a seriously hot topic and Microsoft adding container support as a core function of Server 2016 has the potential to take their use right into the mainstream.

In this 9 minute chat, I ask Marcus about what containers are and why should we bother?who actually uses them and why? what’s the benefit? how are they delivered in Server 2016? and what does this mean for developers and Windows admins alike?

Marcus shared some great information, I hope you find it interesting and of course if you have any questions you can contact me via the site, on twitter @techstringy or find me on LinkedIN.

You may also find my post “Bringing containers to the masses” a useful companion piece where I look at containers in both Windows Server and VMware.



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