NetApp Hybrid Cloud Announcements with Mike Andrews

November 1st saw NetApp make a whole slew of announcements linked to their already impressive Hybrid cloud strategy. Announcements not only included the things you’d expect from a data company, technology enhancements to existing solutions, some updated versions and capabilities, but also very interestingly a couple of services that did not require any of your more “traditional” NetApp technologies.

These are true services, designed purely to enable an organisations use of public cloud, from allowing seamless integration of cloud compute into an existing infrastructure, to protecting data sat in Office365.

To help review those announcements I’m joined by NetApp’s Mike Andrews to discuss both their technologic and strategic impacts, as well as delve a little more deeply into a couple of them. We also look at NetApp’s overall view of how organisations will deliver data strategy in the future.

If you need any more information or would like to ask Mike any further questions, you can find him via his blog or twitter.

Of course, you can also leave a comment here or contact me in any of the usual ways, and I’d be happy to chat more about NetApp’s hybrid cloud strategy.

Mike Andrews is @trekintech on twitter and his blog is

If you’d like to know more from NetApp check out the press release, or the NetApp cloud site

If you would like to contact me about NetApp Hybrid Cloud, then please feel free to reach me via @techstringy or find me on LinkedIn – or please fill in the form below.



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