Develop your IT superhero – Amy Lewis – Ep10

About 3 years ago I discovered the Geek Whisperers podcast, a show which talks with people across the IT industry and discusses career development. They explore with their guests areas such as how they have ended up where they are today, what they’ve done, what they’ve learned and even what they may have done differently.

That podcast has had a real positive influence on my career and the kind of work that I do, the fact that you are reading this post or have listened to the attached Tech Interview podcast (and thank you for taking the time in your busy week to do that) is directly related to that podcast. Not because they discussed blogging, tweeting or podcasting, but because what it did do was encourage me to engage much more in the IT community. A community I was already a part of, but maybe not one I was engaging with as much as I could.

But why bother? It’s a fair question, I know I was already pretty busy in my job, is there a benefit? Does it really help? Does it allow me to be better and improve the development of my IT career? They are all good questions and questions we discuss on this episode with my guest, Amy Lewis.

amy-lewisAmy is Director of Influence Marketing at NetApp and I caught up with her at the NetApp Insight event towards the end of last year. The reason I wanted to chat with Amy was not about her day job, but more about the work she does in the wider tech community, her tech community superhero persona if you like! Amy is maybe best known as one of the co-presenters of the Geek Whisperers podcast and to many on twitter as @CommsNinja.

So if you are someone who wonders whether wider involvement with your tech peers, be it online, via forums, attending user groups or events is for you, or can help develop your IT career and unleash your inner tech superhero, then I think you’ll find this episode interesting.

If you want to catch up with Amy on line then you can get her on twitter @CommsNinja

And you can find her podcast The Geek Whisperers here

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