Data Sprawling All Around Me – Rich Wallace – Catalogic Software – Ep 11

Data sprawling all around us, certainly does not mean those managing IT are having fun!

If you think about the kind of organisations many of us are a part of, then we understand what a critical asset our data is and how getting the best from it can give us real edge in our organisations field.

However this data focus comes with a whole set of challenges.

Where do we store it? how do we manage it? how do we ensure that people have copies of it where needed?.

It is this challenge that I discuss on this week’s episode with my guest Rich Wallace of Catalogic Software.

Catalogic Software specialise in data management and we chat about why they do this, how they do this and the problems they help us to solve.

I hope you enjoyed the episode, if you have any further questions on what Rich covered then you can contact myself, Rich or Catalogic Software in the usual ways.

You can get Rich on twitter @richwall123

Catalogic Software @CatalogicSW

And of course on their website at and if you want a 90 second intro to the work they do, then check out this great little video

90 Second Intro to Catalogic

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Next week I get an outsiders view of the IT industry as I chat with Hannah Breeze, a journalist who reports on the IT channel, as we discuss some of the messages she has heard over the last year and how she thinks the industry is shaping up to tackle modern businesses challenges.

Thanks for listening.

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