Tech me for the weekend!

I’ve produced a podcast for the weekend post over the last couple of months, giving a round up of good podcast content I’d caught over the week that you may of missed.

Well never one to stand still I’m stretching the scope of this post to include blogs and articles as well as podcasts.. so just things that have caught my eye and that you may of missed in your busy week.

I’ll eventually get around to change the post graphic… but heah it’s the weekend so the old one will do for now!


Let’s start with some listening pleasure – a couple of shows you may enjoy –

Speaking in Tech – Hacking Microsoft Windows

One of the industries bigger shows, so perhaps doesn’t need my promotion, but in a bit of a different episode, the team are joined by Chris Wysopal, noted hacker and CTO/co-founder of Veracode, as they talk about application security and how the world is changing and how our approach to security needs to change too.

Speaking in Tech

CTO Advisor – DevOps from the ground up

Keith Townsend delivers another show (only short about 13 minutes) doing a bit of a DevOps revisit, some great points covered with guest, Cloud Architect Jon Hildebrand, as they discuss what DevOps is and the cultural shift you need for it to work.

CTO Advisor

Storage Unpacked

Referenced this show before, run by a team of tech analysts who delve into the world of storage, this week an interesting chat with Chris Wahl of Rubrik, as they look at the secondary storage market place and how gaining value from data is becoming a significant part of the “backup data” market and how it’s changing how we protect our data.

It’s all about the data people!

Storage Unpacked

To round up the bumper selection of podcasts.. a bit of self promotion..

First up I got the chance to appear on the Veeam community podcast, discussing the work I do around data security and privacy, the impact of the upcoming GDPR legislation and how to build solid ransomware defences, all that and more with Veeam’s Michael Cade.

Veeam Community Podcast

And of course the most recent Tech Interviews – as I chatted with Mark Carlton about data fabrics, what they are and why they are an important part of your modern data strategy. Mark shares his experiences building a NetApp data fabric and the problems its helped him solve.

Weaving a data fabric – Mark Carlton – Ep 23

The Articles

As an additional gift, I thought I’d add a list of interesting articles I’ve read over the last week as well;

How GDPR could affect your business

Fresh from his Tech Interview adventures Mark Carlton shares his thoughts on GDPR and how it may affect your business. Read it here

Data Storage: The Need For Flexibility And Scalability

This one from Forbes talking about modern data storage, what interested me here was it supported the view that the storage conversation needs to be much wider, looking at a holistic data strategy not just disks and flashing lights. Find it here

10 Digital Workplace Trends Shaping the Future of Work

This article talks about the challenges that business are coming up against as they try to embrace new methods of working in enterprises that are not really ready for it! Read it here

What I’ve Learned about GDPR

Last up my own GDPR focussed post, as I look at some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve immersed myself in the GDPR world over the first part of 2017, I look at what it is, what it isn’t, where technology plays a part and why it is something to embrace and not fear! Enjoy it here

Hopefully that should keep you busy… if there’s anything that I’ve missed hit me up @techstringy on the twitters and let me know – have a great weekend




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