At your data’s service – Dave Sobel – Ep 24

I think we all accept that as individuals, businesses and organisations, the way we see our data is changing, more than ever we see it as an asset and like any asset we see it as something to treat carefully, ensuring it is stored properly, secured, protected and of course something we are getting value from.

A big part of this shift is driven by the technology industry itself, tools, technologies and services are now available that allow us to use our data in ways that previously we had not been able to.

However, it is not just that these technologies exist that is driving this change, but it is how much more readily available these tools and services now are and this is mainly due to a new breed of service providers.

This is the focus of this week’s podcast, as I’m Joined by Dave Sobel, Sr. Director of Community and Field Marketing at SolarWinds MSP.

Dave has a wide experience in the technology industry, having both operated his own service provider and now with the provider of a global platform used by service providers and end users around the world.

In this episode, we talk about how the way we use our data is changing and how this is driving not only great new opportunities for business, but also creating a new breed of service providers and platforms to support new and inventive ways for us to make the very most from our data assets.

We talk about the evolution of what we think of as a computer from mine and Dave’s shared Commodore 64 experience to modern voice interfaces and how this evolution is changing how we collect and use data. But even with this change, we look at how the data and the information is the only thing that matters, that those devices are no longer that important to us.

We also discuss how the technology conversation in organisations is changing, how today technology decisions are not just with IT, but with application and service owners who are asking how to gain more insight from the data they collect and how technology can drive success in their parts of an organisation.

Finally, we look at security, how the complex security challenge is also driving a new breed of services and the things that you should consider before you take a new service into your organisation.

Dave also shared the difference between security advice from non-experts and those that truly understand the threat, summed up brilliantly in the graphic below.

I think Dave provides a great insight into the changing data market and the part that service providers play in allowing us to do the very best with our valuable data assets.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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