Tech me for the weekend

The mix of podcasts and articles seemed pretty popular last week, so thanks for those who dived and enjoyed the tech bits I’d found interesting.

So hopefully I can serve you equally well with some top tech content from this week.


Greybeards on Storage Tier 0 storage

If you like your storage podcasts deep and technical then these are the beards for you.. Howard Marks and Ray Lucchesi are two very experienced and very respected members of the storage community, it’s an understatement to say they know their stuff!

This week they are talking about how the next generation of NVMe based tier 0 storage  is shaping up. Not sure what NVMe or tier 0 is? Then this may be the place to learn, don’t go in without your technical head on though, you have been warned!

Greybeards on Storage Podcast

Note To Self – Deep Learning Racism

This week I’d attended the IPExpo event in Manchester (UK) and had listened to a lot of sessions discussing machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, all fascinating topics and all will have a lot of impact on the way we do business in the future.

On the journey back home from the event I caught this weeks Note To Self podcast, all about, coincidentally, machine learning, however it is a very much a cautionary tale of where machine learning can go wrong and how we are not quite ready to hand over the reigns to the machines just yet.

This episode looks at the story of Jacky Alcine and how a seemingly innocent picture caused a storm of controversy.

VSAN 6.6

If you’re a VMware user and interested in the latest iteration of vSAN, then you’ll want to catch two great shows from Pete Flecha and John Nicholson as they are joined by a couple of guests in a 2 part podcast looking at what’s new and exciting in this major update to the popular vSAN platform.

check out both of them here;

vSAN 6.6 – Part 1

vSAN 6.6 – Part 2

At your data’s service

In this weeks Tech Interviews I got to chat with Dave Sobel of Solarwinds MSP about the impact that as-a-service data tools are having on business, how it’s changing the way we deal with data, the way we secure data and of course how analytics tools are allowing us to find new and interesting ways of getting value from our data assets.

Dave shares some great background on how service providers can help us all take advantage of new and exciting data services.

Give it a listen.

At your data’s service – Dave Sobel – Ep 24


If listening isn’t enough and you want to curl up with a nice technology article this weekend, then why not try these…

For an Intelligent Workplace, Think Proficiency, Not Efficiency

Liked this article from CMSWire talking about the challenge that comes with trying to embrace new ways of working and new technologies, in organisations that are just not ready for it!

CMS Article

What the Data

One of my favourite presentations at IPExpo this week was from Microsoft’s Amy Nicholson, who talked about the Cortana Analytics Suite (podcast coming out next week with Amy – stay tuned) and how by making this technology more accessible people are delivering really smart and ingenious ideas that are revolutionising the way they do business.

She wrote this excellent accompanying blog post.

What the Data

The Opportunity of disruption

Picked this article up from NetApp’s blog site, but dovetails nicely with the Amy’s presentation.

Using these great and accessible data tools is one thing.. getting our data into them is another, the importance of a data strategy that understands that challenge is going to be critical to the success of many of our businesses.

In this article Maria Olsen talks about how NetApp and Microsoft are working together to build data strategies that allow just that.

An interesting piece to get you thinking about your own strategies.

It’s a two parter, here’s the link to part one, part two is linked in the article.

The Opportunity of disruption

I hope that’s given you plenty to enjoy this weekend (and this long weekend if you are in the UK).

Look at for more next week, as well as a great Tech Interview with Amy Nicholson talking Anlytics and Machine learning, due out Tuesday.

Have a great weekend.. one and all.



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