Tech Me for the weekend – 12th May

No Tech Me blog post last week as I was in North Carolina, So hadn’t had chance to catch up on my usual Tech Show and Articles.. but don’t worry, back this week with a range of tech content that I’ve learned from this last week.

So with the weekend ahead, if you are looking for your fill of tech content to keep you company – then check out some of this;


5 Urgent Changes Needed To Tackle GDPR

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation is front of mind for many organisations right now, and personally I don’t think you can learn enough about the topic to ensure that your organisation will be compliant come May next year.

So first up is this article from Information age, based on the 5 priorities, according to Gartner, you should be focussing on in your bid to be compliant.

Information Age Article

Intro to GDPR – How will it affect business

If you are still wondering what GDPR is all about and how it may affect your business and you need a bit of an intro, why not check this cracking article out from Ben Cross.

GDPR – How will it affect your businesses?

ONTAP 9.2RC1 is out

In non GDPR related news, it’s been a big week for NetApp with a couple of major releases, StorageGRID webscale 10.4 (more on that in the podcasts) and also the latest release to their industry leading storage operating systems ONTAP, with version 9.2 available this week.

Couple of posts here from Chris Maki and Dave Brown to give the highlights, so if you want to know what’s new, these guys both give a great summary.

Chris Maki’s Article

Dave Brown’s article

Microsoft sticking with bots

I’ve had a bot heavy week this week, more of that in the podcasts section, but I did spot this USA Today article talking about Microsoft’s continued investment in bot technology and how it is changing the way our technology is working, if you’re new to the tech, or interested in what Microsoft’s view of it is, this article is a good starting point and if you want to know even more, check out the Tech Interviews podcast below.

USA Today – Microsoft sticking with bots


If reading ain’t enough, or you like you tech news in your ears, then this weeks podcasts should help.

NetApp Everywhere

I alread mentioned that this was a big week for NetApp with a couple of major software releases.

Well that has kept the Tech ONTAP podcast team busy, with two shows hitting the podcatchers this week.

First up is an introduction to the latest version of NetApp’s object storage platform StorageGRID Webscale – here the team chat with Duncan Moore as he gives us all of the updates to this fascinating and quickly growing segment of the storage market, oh and if you have no idea what an object store is, then this is a good starting point.

Tech ONTAP ep 84

But of course, it wasn’t just StorageGRID there was also the release of the latest version of ONTAP, 9.2, with some great new capabilities, including new QoS features, even more storage efficiencies and the introduction of fabric pools.

To find out the details, check out the ONTAP 9.2 show.

Tech ONTAP ep 85

Veeam – Atlantic Security Conference

I love great tech community stories, when people do something for the good of the tech community, not just as a business opportunity or potential sale and this special episode of the Veeam Community podcast showcases one such example.

Rick Vanover chats with Travis Barlow about the Atlantic Security Conference, which runs annually in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it sounds a great show and it’s a fantastic example of what tech community can achieve.

Veeam Podcast – Ep126

Tech Interviews

I have to plug by own show of course, I mentioned earlier the USA Today article talking about Microsoft and their commitments to bots.

But if you are unsure on what we mean about bots and the impact they are having in organisations of all types, then never fear, this weeks Tech Interviews can help as i’m joined by Ian Finch of Mando to discuss the work they are doing in this field and some of the great results they’ve seen from taking a different view on tackling a range of business issues.

If you want to know what this bot thing is all about then give the show a try.

Rise of the bots – Ian Finch – Ep26

I hope all that keeps you busy – I’m out at VeeamON next week in New Orleans, so may not get a chance to share some tech for next weekend… so until next time.. happy teching!





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