Thin Clients, are they still a thing? – Tony Main – Ep27

The IT world is a funny place, we love a bit of innovation, sometimes it’s new and revolutionary, sometimes something whose time has come and sometimes, some just keep coming back and remaining relevant, but maybe relevant in new and different ways.

One such technology is the focus of this week’s podcast as I am joined by Tony Main of Italian thin client vendor Praim.

I’ll be honest, I was a little sceptical of how interesting talking about thin client tech would be, hence the title. Let’s face it we like our devices, we become attached to them, be it a smartphone, Mac, or like me, my Surface Pro, and when that device does everything I need and I have full freedom to connect to what I want from where I want with my flexible and portable device, what on earth would I want with a device the doesn’t do anything!

The more I thought about it, the more fascinated I was to speak with Tony to find out if, why and how thin client devices still have a place in a modern IT infrastructure.

We recorded this episode a couple of weeks ago, but coincidentally, thanks to the global news that is the WannaCrypt ransomware outbreak, this episode became quite timely as we touch on how thin client tech can be a key component in a data security plan.

Do thin clients have a place in modern IT, during this episode we explore that very topic.

But we start out looking at the history of thin client devices, from relatively dumb low power endpoints to the modern high powered, flexible thing we see today.

We look at how the modern technology shift to data mobility, ensuring our data doesn’t reside on any one device, plays very much to the strength of thin client.

Tony shares how the maturity in VDI technology is also changing how organisations view their desktop and application deployment methods making thin client a more attractive proposition.

We discuss how key data trends such as analytics and security, are things that sit well with a thin client model and Tony shares some use cases showing how people are adopting thin client. This includes how a move to mobility of experience, rather than device is also making thin client an interesting option.

We wrap up discussing how Praim are looking at the secure desktop market, taking what they know from thin clients and helping organisations repurpose desktops to extend their life, provide a better experience and deliver a more secure and manageable solution.

Are thin clients still a thing? – Have a listen to the show and then why not share your thoughts on twitter with me @techstringy or a leave a comment with the show notes.

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