Tech me for the weekend – June 9th

Well well, it’s the weekend again and I know you all find it tough to drag yourself away from the world of tech, so worry not, here’s this weeks list of top tech entertainment to keep you teched up this weekend.

This weeks there is a bit of a data  theme.. so dive in their is podcasts and articles a plenty…

The Reading

Why Data will drive your success in the cloud – Matt Watts

Matt works closely with the office of the CTO at NetApp and wrote this interesting piece on their site about the changing way we all see data’s value and what that means for the way we build our data strategy.

Inspired by a recent article in The Economist that notes in today’s economy, “the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” – I know we’ve all heard it, but Matt explores the topic and what it means.

Why data will drive your success in the cloud

Setting sail for uncharted waters – Ruairi McBride

Some big announcements from storage behemoth NetApp this week which included their entry into the world of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI).

Now, no question that NetApp are late to this particular party, but Ruairi looks at why and the potential benefits that NetApp have from having sat back and watched the market for a little while and what their solution brings that may make them stand out.

If you want to know more about the NetApp HCI offering, this is a great place to start.

Setting sail for uncharted waters

One year until the EU GDPR

This complex regulation will finally be enacted in just under a year and personally I don’t think you can ever read up too much on what this may mean for us all and the way we collect, store, manage, protect and dispose of our data assets.

Good read here from CITY A.M. which also includes some quotes from my favourite data privacy attorney Sheila Fitzpatrick

A good piece, well worth a read.

One year until the EU GDPR

Big wheels keep on turning

Back to NetApp, I wrote a piece myself this week looking at NetApp’s continued evolution from storage company to data management company, how that was progressing, why that was important and how are they embracing this ever increasingly data driven world.

Big Wheels Keep On Turning

The Listening

Arrow bandwidth

This is an episode from a couple of weeks ago, but fits in nicely with this weeks data theme as Rich and Dave are joined by Vince Payne to discuss the data industry and the impact of business intelligence and analytics.

Rich plays the role of devils advocate perfectly, as the team discuss as to whether BI and Analytics really is a “thing” and whether people are actually using these technologies.

Excellent and thoughtful debate as they look at whether data really Is the new gold!


Gestalt IT – The ON-Premise IT round table

Another excellent debate asking what is the reality for the future of data, is AI, machine learning and data analytics really going to change the world and do something interesting?

And does the future include clever machines really replacing people? Or will us poor humans always have a place!

More excellent devils advocacy from Nigel Poulton.

What is big data?

Speaking In Tech

Rounding off the data chat, a brilliant guest joins the Speaking In Tech team, as Michel Feaster from Usermind discussed how data analytics and intelligence can have a massively positive impact on our customer experiences.

Some great practical examples of how using intelligence alongside traditional systems can revolutionise the kind of results we get, give it a listen.

Speaking in Tech: Blame millennials for customer engagement upheaval

Tech Interviews

Of course you don’t get this far without a plug for my own show, this week is the second part of a look at the data availability market.

My guests this week discuss how to gain more value from data backups, how to ensure that our focus on application availability doesn’t do more harm than good and whether availability is elevated to the right level of importance?

Three great guests in Mike Beevor of Pivot 3, Data Gravity’s Dave Stevens and Andrew Smith of IDC.


Oh and if you missed part one where I chat with Justin Warren and Jeff Leeds, fear not.. it’s here…

So enough to keep you busy..

Have a great weekend.


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