Giving jetpacks to cavemen – Pete Flecha, John Nicholson – Ep31

Over the last 15 years or so, there has been major shifts in the way we deliver technology in the enterprise, cloud, mobility and of course virtualisation. You can’t look at the virtualisation industry without looking at the company who has defined the industry more than any other, VMware.

However, they are not immune to change and the world is certainly changing as we become more application and data centric and with this our expectations of how we consume our IT services has also changed.

I don’t think we are all going to throw our virtualisation infrastructures in a skip anytime soon, but we do have different demands, we want to integrate cloud, want our systems to be data centric, we need security, privacy and availability and we need our data and applications to be flexible, resilient and simple to consume.

How does this then effect VMware’s view of the world? –

In wp_20161116_12_44_06_rich_li.jpgthe last interview I recorded at Veeam’s recent VeeamON conference, I managed to catch up with the hosts of the excellent VMware Virtually Speaking podcast, Pete Flecha and John Nicholson, to ask this question and find out how VMware are changing, how they see the needs of their customers evolving and what future trends they see as the next important areas for focus.

We also investigate how customer expectations continue to rise for their technology and how technology not only needs to be resilient but also smart. We look at how organisations want their IT to be able to easily consume and integrate “cloud” into their on-prem solutions.

John also shares some thoughts on designing resilient solutions, and how availability is not only about what you buy, it also about what you do and the part your environment can also play.

The guys also talk about VMware’s shift toward simplifying the technology stack, how technologies like vSAN, storage policies and VVOL’s are making our technology faster, smarter and more straightforward, allowing us to focus on our applications and data and not the complexity of the infrastructure below it.

Pete and John provide a fantastic insight into how our organisations technology requirements are changing and how VMware are changing to remain a relevant and important part of our IT stack.

Last but not least, John also introduces us to the wonderful image of Cavemen with Jetpacks!

If you want to follow up with Pete and John you can find them both on twitter @vPedroArrow and @Lost_Signal.

You can catch find the excellent Virtually Speaking Podcasts over at and check out episode 44 for a great chat the guys had with Michael Dell.

Hope you enjoyed the show, Pete and John where great guests and provided some fantastic insights into the industry and VMware’s place in it.

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