Tech me up – Your tech entertainment for this weekend – 16th June

It’s the summer, the sun is out, it’s the weekend, what’s the only thing missing? some great technical content to keep you company while you sip a cold one.

This weeks list of top tech has a data security slant to it, so not only will it be keeping you informed, it will ensure you can keep those data assets secure.

Settle back and enjoy;


For those who like to listen to their tech, here’s a list of great podcasts I caught this week.

Arrow Bandwidth

An excellent and somewhat unique chat with Marcus Hutchings, better known as Malware Tech, the information security engineer who discovered the “kill switch” for the WannaCrypt ransomware outbreak.

They discuss how he discovered the workings of the malware and how they came about the kill switch and how he’s dealing with the “fame” that came with it.

A great listen.

InfoSec Podcast

This is a relatively new podcast to my list, but an excellent weekly discussion on the latest news from the information security industry.

This week they focus on the latest release of SANS’ Security Awareness Report which attributed communication as one of the primary reasons why awareness programs thrive or fail.

The team also look at the difficulties of legislating for cyber security in a quick moving technology world.

Infosec Podcast



More security, this time from the Datanauts team, who are joined by James Holland and Aaron Miller from Palo Alto Networks to discuss the evolution of security architectures and approaches, the importance of application awareness, and the impact of virtualization, which can both create new risks and provide new opportunities.

They also look at where security is going, how cloud and virtualization will continue to shape your security infrastructure, and how skill sets will have to adapt to support more automation.

Datanauts Podcast

NetApp Tech ONTAP

A bumper week for podcasts and if you want something not security related, how about some coding?

I really enjoyed this episode of the NetApp Tech ONTAP podcast, not really NetApp focussed at all but a great chat with Ashley McNamara of  Pivotal discussing how storage administrators (and pretty much anyone) should be learning to code. Ashley also gives us places to look for resources for aspiring developers and scripters to be successful.

Great fun.. have a listen.

Tech Interviews

This week was a VMware special, as I was joined by the hosts of the excellent VMware vSPEAKING Podcast, Pete Flecha and John Nicholson , they make great guests as we discuss how peoples changing demands on technology are changing how we have to design and architect our infrastructure.

We also look at how our infrastructure not only needs to be faster and simpler, but also needs to be smarter and how our application and data centric world is driving demands for availability.

John also introduces us to the concept of giving jetpacks to cavemen!

Great fun with the guys, have a listen.


Rather settle back in the garden and read your tech, then try out these security focussed articles;

Data Privacy Monitor – Deeper Dive Security is a big deal for big data

We are all keen to take advantage of data analytics so we can get more value from our data assets, but how many of us consider the range of security challenges that comes with consuming those public big data services?

In this article Lavonne Hopkins looks at a range of issues to consider and provides some solid advice.

Compare The Cloud – Refashioning data security with a nod to the cloud

The thing with the Internet is once it’s out there, it stays out there, but on the plus side you can find little gems of articles that you may not of read at the time.

This was one of those, posted back in Jan 2016 by the team at Compare the Cloud.

In this article they look at the challenge that CISO’s have. Pulled in many directions from their businesses, while having to deal with all of the evolving security threats.

It’s an interesting read looking at the kind of approaches that a CISO can look at to help take on the multiple challenges they are faced with.

Forbes – Why manufacturers should be mindful of cybersecurity

This article discusses how cyber attackers target the manufacturing industry, what caught my attention was how the idea of small imperceptible changes can eventually have a huge impact.

This approach is not just a threat to manufacturing, it is also a threat for security built around analytics and AI. One of the approaches attackers take to overcome machine learning based security is using small changes that machine learning algorithms don’t notice and overtime they start to accept as normal behaviour.

This provides an interesting read and highlights the complexity of the security threat.

Hopefully something there for everyone, enjoy your weekend.

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