Shifting emphasis, a Veeam announcement special – Michael Cade – ep 86

On Tuesday of this week (January 22nd, 2019) Veeam made a series of announcements around their technology stack, these announcements showed, in my opinion, the first elements of them really starting to deliver the technology to underpin their intelligent data management strategy that they first shared back in 2017.

On this extra edition of Tech Interviews, I wanted to explore some of the key parts of these announcements and why I believe they are an important step in starting to shift Veeam from a backup company to one that can start to play a part in the orchestration and management of data within the modern enterprise.

These show notes are only brief as I covered the topics discussed in the show in this recent article, so if you do want more detail then please feel free to have a read here.

Image of Michael Cade, Global Technologist at Veeam Software

However in this episode, we look at Veeam’s key Q1 announcements for 2019, delivered under the title of “Expanding Cloud Data Management”, regular guest and friend of the show, Michael Cade, Global Technologists at Veeam joins me to discuss the announcements and provide insight into what’s driven some of the strategic shifts, as well as providing some detail into the technology updates that are underpinning these changes.

During the show we focus on the three key areas discussed in the article, Cloud storage integration, the expansion of Veeam’s workload portability capability and finish up looking at some key updates to Veeam Data Labs and how secure and staged restore provide an automation capability that will be hugely valuable in guaranteeing the consistency of your data and apps wherever and whenever you need them.

I hope you enjoyed this additional show, as I thought it would be useful to provide some context to these announcements.

You can find out more from Michael via twitter @MichaelCade1 as well as his blog site

And you can find out more from Veeam on as well as via their blog site.

You can watch the full announcement on-demand below;

Back to our normal schedule next week as we look at the world of cyber threat hunting – if you want to be sure to catch that show then please subscribe.

Thanks for listening

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