Hunting the cyber threat – Chris Gerritz – Ep87

The ever-evolving cyber threat and how to protect ourselves against It continues to be at the top of the list of priorities for most IT Pros and execs. As technology and our data is more crucial than ever to our day to day operations, the threat of disruption to it and the impact that will have grows almost exponentially.

As we head into February of 2019, what is the current state of the threat? How is it evolving? And how do we build a plan to handle it? That is the topic of this week’s Tech Interviews, as I’m joined by Co-Founder and CPO of Infocyte Inc. Chris Gerritz to discuss the art of Cyber Threat Hunting and taking a more proactive approach to the cybersecurity challenge.

Chris has a fascinating background having spent 10 years in the United States Air Force developing their cyber threat incident response team which was responsible for looking after 800,000 systems and he has brought that experience and expertise into his new company Infocyte and to this episode of Tech Interviews.

In this chat with Chris, we take a look at what we mean by cyber threat hunting, the importance of a proactive approach to cyber threats and why we should “assume breach” when we build our cybersecurity defences.

We also take time to explore current trends, including the changing motivations for “bad actors”, the “commoditisation” of malware, the targeted and un-targeted threats, the increasing focus on identity theft and how to avoid appearing as the “weakest gazelle in the pack”. We discuss the complexity of the threat and why this makes an incident almost inevitable and why the idea companies who suffer an attack or data breach are just lazy is something of a myth.

Finally, Chris shares some advice on how to build an effective cyber hunting strategy, the importance of understanding the current environment and evaluating your current cyber security skill sets, as well as some tips on building a secure environment.

Chris shares some great insights into the problem and how to deal with it, as well as providing some background on Infocyte’s approach to the challenge, you can find more about Infocyte on their website (where you can also arrange a trial of their service). You can find Chris on Linkedin and twitter @gerritzc.

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Thanks for listening.

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