Tactics of Public Cloud – Phoebe Goh – Ep92

In the final part of our series on architecting for Public Cloud we take a slightly different tact to the previous parts (you can find them here part 1, part 2) which focussed on Cloud as a more primary goal, be it how to transition to it, or how to build a Cloud platform. In this episode we focus more on the tactical use of Cloud, when wholesale move to Cloud isn’t the aim but more how we can use it in specific parts of our organisation to deliver better outcomes, improve our technology or serve our customers better.

To explore that, I wanted to chat with a company who are not a traditional “Cloud” company but one that has fully embraced it to not only change how they work as a business, but how their technology works to deliver a better platform for their customers.

To do that I’m joined by NetApp Cloud Architect, Phoebe Goh. Phoebe is our first Australian guest and brings an interesting perspective to the show and provides the perfect way to wrap up our brief series, by bringing together themes from our last two shows as well as her own fresh ideas.

We start out exploring the role of a Cloud Architect in a business that is not Cloud only, we discuss the importance of the architect role when it comes to cheer leading for Cloud inside an organisation. We also chat about how Cloud is much more than a technology debate and just as much about a change in thinking.

We take a look at how non Cloud companies can exploit it to change how they do business by exploring both NetApp the business and NetApp the technology company and how they have used Cloud to change the way the business operates, which has in turn inspired them to think how Cloud and its tactical use can provide better value to their customers.

We wrap up on two topics, looking at how Public Cloud is starting to encroach into the datacentre as well as the importance of simplifying the adoption of public cloud and how that simplification is driving public cloud adoption inside of organisations.

Phoebe is a great guest with a range of fascinating insights into how Cloud can be a major part of the modern business.

To find out more from NetApp and how they are driving innovation in their technology with Cloud check out cloud.netapp.com

You can find more from Phoebe on Twitter @phoebegoh , via email phoebe.goh@netapp.com as well as her (Coming soon) blog www.withahat.net

Next time we explore the world of Voice and how it’s revolutionising the way we interact with Technology, to make sure you don’t miss it then remember to subscribe to Tech Interviews.

Until next time, thanks for listening.

If you missed the first two parts of this series you can find them here:

Part One – The Cloud Transition Conundrum

Part Two – Be Sure Before you Azure

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