Giving technology a voice – Geraint John & Will Bradley – Ep93

The technology world is constantly evolving, what we do with Tech, what it does for us, how we can use it to do things differently and more quickly, innovation is core to the technology industry. One of the fastest moving areas of innovation right now is the development of voice as a way for us to interact with our data and technology platforms, opening new ways for us to perform a wide variety of tasks, from asking your voice assistant to add to the shopping list to making technology accessible in a way its not been before, voice is an exciting, fast moving and fast growing part of the tech industry.

But how is voice going to change the way we operate as enterprises? Is voice starting to move from the consumer world to the business one? That’s the subject of this week’s Tech Interviews, as I’m joined by two guests, Geraint John and Will Bradley from Move Digital and importantly for this show, the hosts of the fantastic Voice for Voice podcast (If you’re interested in voice technology, I cannot recommend it enough).

Geraint is the founder of digital marketing agency Move Digital and Will one of his Associate Directors, they have spent the last year looking at the way the world of voice is changing how their clients operate, from marketing and customer experience to automation and improved efficiency and now they are seeing the development of a voice strategy as an increasingly important part of their customers technology and business plans.

In this week’s episode, we explore the growing world of voice and how it has the potential to be the biggest technology shift since the Internet revolutionised how we use technology in our everyday lives.

We start out with a discussion of what we mean by voice and its key players and why we need to be taking voice seriously. We explore how voice is a far more intuitive way for us to work with technology and how it may be the platform that the next generation of innovative and disruptive technology companies choose in the way the current ones choose mobile.

Will and Geraint share how they are starting to see technology move from the consumer to the business space, how voice is playing a part in automation and efficiency improvements as well as changing how we can analyse our data.

We wrap up exploring some of the ways people are using voice technology to improve engagement with customers and employees alike, as well as a great example of how voice is making technology accessible for some who have in the past found accessing it difficult and what the future of voice may look like.

Geraint and Will provide a great introduction into the world of voice and its potential to revolutionise how we use technology and some of the work that they are doing with their customers in this fascinating space.

If you want to keep up with the voice world, then I can’t recommend highly enough the fantastic Voice for Voice podcast, you can find it on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can find more about Move Digital on their website and of course you can find Geraint and Will on twitter @geraintjohn_ and @willbradley1000.

Thanks for listening.

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