Data protection and HCI better together – Ep95

Your modern infrastructure is highly unlikely to be built on a single platform, in fact not only unlikely to be on a single platform but unlikely to be built in a single location, as increasingly we are developing hybrid infrastructure that can be spread across datacentres, remote locations and of course the public cloud. While this adds complexity to our technology stack, it also adds opportunities when technology vendors work together to bring value to each other’s offerings, improving end-user experience and business outcomes.

That is the focus of this week’s show, recorded on the road at Arrow ECS as we discuss how NetApp HCI and Veeam integrate to work better together and what this means for modern infrastructure in our hybrid world.

I’m joined by a team of people to discuss this week’s topic Alun Griffiths and Paul Stillitano from Arrow ECS, Kev Ridings from Veeam and Jason Fitzgerald, Technical Consultant from Gardner Systems, all with their own take on the changing infrastructure space and how it impacts the way we deliver our technology.

We started our discussions by looking at what we mean by HCI, how it can mean different things to different people and also what we should expect from HCI so that it delivers value beyond just squeezing hardware into a small form factor, we also investigate the importance of tools that can give us a consistent and repeatable infrastructure deployment model.

We talk about the value that integrating the HCI model with software capabilities from someone like Veeam can bring and how Veeam themselves are seeing HCI as a destination platform from which they can deliver significant value to a customer.

We go beyond HCI and also explore the challenges presented by “dark data” and how having tools that can provide visibility into these data sets can be hugely valuable to an enterprise.

We wrap up our group discussion looking at two further areas, the importance of simplicity and integration and how this allows us to deliver a better experience and finally how NetApp is expanding the view of the HCI market by focusing their own platform on Hybrid Cloud Integration, making it another potential cloud destination in a hybrid infrastructure world.

The whole team provide some great insight into the topic, sharing their experience and expertise, if you want to know more about them, then you can find most of them on Twitter in the following places; Jason Fitzgerald @jay_fitzgerald, Alun Griffiths @WelshMatador and Kev Ridings @ukPenfold, you can also find out more from Veeam at as well as NetApp’s HCI platform at

Thanks for listening, if you have a topic you’d like to hear covered on tech interviews why not drop the show an email

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