Reducing vulnerability in a digitally transforming world – Marco Rottigni – Ep96

Security and compliance of systems is right at the top of the priority list for almost all organisations and as our data and the systems that hold it are ever more critical, the impact of the loss of these systems or the data that resides upon them is significant. As our systems become more complex and diversely spread managing and reducing their vulnerabilities is a real challenge.

On this week’s show we discuss how we take a modern approach to security, governance and vulnerability control with my guest Marco Rottigni, Chief Technical Security Officer, EMEA at Qualys.

We start our discussion by building an understanding of differing levels of maturity when it comes to digital transformation, as well as building our understanding of what transformation means, what part cloud plays and how this impacts our system security.

Marco shares how he is seeing an evolution of vulnerability assessment to one of management and the significance of this shift. We chat about how Qualys help in this space by providing a single source of vulnerability information that can be used to service the needs and differing requirements of an organisation.

We look at the importance of this need for a different view of managing technology risk as many traditional approaches are no longer appropriate.

Marco also shares some thoughts on how critical visibility is and asks how can we defend what we don’t know exists? We also look at the importance of a more proactive approach to dealing with vulnerability in a world were we demand cloud-like speed and scale we can no longer wait weeks to deal with security risks or system vulnerabilities. We also chat about how “transparent automation” is the secret to boosting effectiveness and efficiency.

As we wrap up our discussion, we look at the importance of a proactive approach and how we can use cyber intelligence, alongside vulnerability awareness to build risk reduction directly into our deployment model, rather than retrospectively looking to deal with the it. Finally, we discuss why organisations need to take vulnerability management seriously and include it as part of their technology strategy.

Marco shares some fascinating thoughts on this topic bringing an interesting and fresh perspective. To find out more about Qualys you can check out and you can also follow Marco on twitter @roarinpenguin.

If you have a question on the show or want to suggest a future topic then contact me via

Until next time, thanks for listening.

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