Open source database goodness – Peter Zaitsev – Ep105

The world of infrastructure is changing rapidly, the way we use and access data is driving significant change in the way we design data infrastructure to deliver at scale, with flexibility, openness and portability.

One such shift is the increasing adoption of open database technology, back in episode 88 I spoke with Patrick Callaghan of Cassandra on this topic (you can hear that here), it was a popular episode and the use of such databases is continuing to grow.

With that in mind I wanted to revisit the topic and take another look at what open source databases mean, what their place in the enterprise is and how to take those first steps to explore the value of open source database in your business.

To help me investigate this topic, I caught up with Peter Zaitsev founder and CEO of Percona, a company who specialises in open source databases. I chatted with Peter a couple of weeks ahead of their Percona Live event in Amsterdam, a 3 day event focussed on the open source database market and how to get the best from it.

We have a great chat about the changing world of data infrastructure, the impact of cloud and the inhibitors to adoption of open source, as well as that we also cover;

  • Why is there a growing interest in open source database?
  • Why an enterprise sees open source differently from a developer.
  • How the debate about open source is mirrored by those around public cloud adoption.
  • How multi location environments are driving a new model for database adoption.
  • Why not all open source DB’s are as open as you think.
  • If open source provides such flexibility, choice and cost benefits what is stopping enterprise adoption?
  • How to overcome resistance and see if open source database can work for you.
  • Who are Percona and how do they help people adopt open source databases?
  • The Cloud native autonomous database initiative what is it and why the capability to deploy public cloud like flexibility anywhere is important.

I think this technology area is really interesting and its development and adoption continues to grow, Peter provides us with some great insights into Percona’s approach and his own experience of adoption of open source database, as well as some of the inhibitors he sees to its adoption.

You can find more from Percona on their website and you can follow them on twitter @percona.

And if you in or around Amsterdam between 30th September and 2nd October and are interested in the open source database industry and how it’s changing and developing then Percona Live could be for you, find out more here.

Thanks for listening.

If you have any comments, an idea for or would like to appear on the show then drop me an email to

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